We put them in rest homes, we kinda kick them under the rug and make believe they don't exist. They [the people in Vienna] don't feel like that. In a lot of these older places in the world, they value their older people and their older people feel they can still be a part of the community and I thought: This is a terrific idea - that old people are useful -and that means I don't have to worry so much about getting old because I can still have a use in this world in my old age. I thought "Vienna waits for you..."

-Billy Joel

Monday, November 21, 2011

Parlez-vous Anglais?


Despite the fact that:
Ashley got food poisoning on the very first night and threw up near or in 3 world wide famous landmarks, and we got hussled by some stupid guy on the subway. Don't even want to talk about it. :/ You live and you learn right??


This first day, Ash was brave and sucked it up enough to go to the Sacre Coeur, Moulon Rouge, and Musee d'Orsay where she finally had enough and had to get back to the hotel. And THANK GOODNESS we had a hotel...or this trip might have been hell (pardon my french...haha get it?!) for Ashley. Plus...they had really great breakfast which included chocolate croissants. That Museum was absolutely phenomenal...dozens of Monet, Degas, Manet, Van Gogh, and many other famous artist's pieces. 

Sacre Coeur

Moulin Rouge!

HAHA. Ok I'm sorry, but this picture cracks me up. Ashley is so sad. I just love her.

And thus began my obsession with impressionism art. 

So we're in the hotel at 4 PM on Friday, Ashley is pretty much bed ridden. We only have Saturday left, and I know how stupid it is to go around Paris alone...at night. 



So I did the one thing everyone told me not to do...but Paris was calling my name! I caught the bus right outside our hotel which took me straight to the Eiffel Tower and the famous Champs-Elysee shopping street. Christmas booths were set up, so I just had some me time. :) And quite honestly, it was great! A little pathetic as I was taking selfy pictures to record the beauty of the night...but I realize that I notice people so much more when I'm by myself. Haha, I just had a great time! :)

The next day Ashley thankfully felt better. It was a bright, sunny, beautiful day with blue skies and we went up the Eiffel Tower in the morning. Absolutely took my breath away. Gone. Afterwards, we went to a nearby bakery and I bought a baguette and some gouda cheese with cumin in it. I was the happiest girl ever eating that in front of the Eiffel tower while wearing a barrett. :D Baha! We went to The Louvre where we spent hours but could have spent two days. It was HUGE and spectacular. We definitely got lost in that place. After The Louvre we went up the street to Champs-Elysee, The Arc de Triomph (SO COOL), and the Eiffel Tower so Ash could also see it at night. We ate yummy crepes, french onion soup, and the best chocolate croissant I have ever tasted. Just say it, Europe has transformed Ali Steck into a fatty. Its ok, I know it. Hahah. 

This is all I wanted. I felt so cool.

DAD:  Although all the crepes (notice how I say ALL) were delicious, I have to admit that your crepes are STILL my favorite!!!

In front of The Louvre. It's dark so you can't see it very well!

In the elevator up to the top of Eiffel Tower!

On the Eiffel Tower. Still blows my mind that I was there!

The next morning we caught our flight and I was sad to leave. It was a short trip, but I saw what I wanted to! I definitely want to go back there someday! Back home, to Vienna.

METHOD WE USED TO VEER OFF CREEPY MEN: It totally worked ok? I have no shame, no shame whatsoever.

Oh and...I really have never seen more couples making out in public in my life. WHAT justifies this?! Have mercy. It made me laugh.

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